The Android community web site provides

  • A forum for discussion of Android usage at CERN.  This is where you can ask your questions, provide help to others and contribute hints and tips.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions list with recommendations on how to configure applications for use at CERN.  This is intended as the condensed wisdom from the forums for easy reference in future.
  • A list of useful applications and settings.
  • A news feed for industry and Android at CERN news.  This can be used to get real time information on what is going on in the community and outside with Android.

Android at CERN is community supported so while the IT department may contribute, where possible, to solutions and discussions, it is expected that interested experts amongst the users provide the answers and that IT has no formal commitment to resolve issues so the service desk will direct users to the community portal.

Details on community support and other community sites can be found here.