Android emails clients with native Exchange 2010 support

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Android emails clients with native Exchange 2010 support

I've started this new thread to that we can keep track of the available Android email clients with native Exchange support. We are talking here mainly about support for Exchange 2010 as all CERN users should have been migrated to it until now.

Here is a brief overview of the clients I've tested and what was my experience with each:

  • The default Android email client: works ok but it lacks the feature of synchronizing only a subset of folders. As I have around 40 folders and since I always had to scroll horizontally on the top bar, I had to quit using it soon, for usability reasons.
  • Improved Email for Android: looked nice from the reviews but I never managed to get it working with the CERN mail server (I believe it doesn't have support for Exchange 2010) and it doesn't looks like it's being maintained any longer.
  • RoadSync: nice interface, good integration, but it kept forgetting settings. It may have something to do with the fact that my phone is rooted and running a customized firmware with a non stock, optimized kernel, and with a different file system type, with lag fix.
  • NitroDesk TouchDown: the only one that was working fine and has lots and lots of features. On the cons: as someone was saying in another post the UI it's not exactly nice and it's extremely, extremely slow (sometime it takes up to 10 seconds before it presents me with the email list). It also has some widgets, but functionality is quite limited.

What's your experience with these? Or did you find anything better?

Up to now I came to the same

Up to now I came to the same conclusion as you...
So I'm still using the default email client with the sub-folders limitations you mentioned.

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